Siem Reap Street Food Tour

Street Food Tour, Siem Reap Cambodia

The River Garden’s street food tour was one of many highlights from our travels around Cambodia.

First stop on this street food tour, Psar Leu a bustling market with not a tourist in sight! It was here that we collected freshly made chive cakes, noodles, cane juice and delicious coconut waffles.

Then, just a short tuk tuk ride out of Siem Reap, we arrived at a highway lined with vendors selling fruits, cakes, local snacks, barbecued meats and more.

We stopped at various stalls and sampled local snacks including crickets, water beetles and silk worms. Our guide told us how everything was prepared and was very honest about what was safe to eat and what wasn’t – steer clear of the snail carts as they are ‘cooked’ by the sun.

We dined amongst the locals on a blanket on the side of the highway. We feasted on barbecued stuffed frogs, fish, chicken heart and liver and then all of the exotic fruits we purchased along the way, including palm fruit, mangosteen, snake fruit and a few other exotic fruits I cannot even pronounce, let alone spell.

Crickets and water beetle ats siem reap street food tour

What we ate on this street food tour:

  • Sugar cane juice served in a small plastic bag
  • Coconut waffle
  • Palm fruit
  • Lotus peas
  • Crickets
  • Water beetle
  • Silk worms (Never again)
  • Barbecued frog stuffed with pork
  • Chive cakes
  • Morning glory noodles
  • Barbecued chicken heart and liver
  • Mangosteen
  • Snake fruit

Surprisingly, the barbecued stuffed frog was my favourite. It was the one thing I almost refused to eat. I told myself to ‘suck it up and stop being a sissy’. The best way to describe this dish would be a sweet, spicy, lemongrass pork meat ball wrapped in chicken skin. It had so much flavour!

The icing on top of a great street food tour was the conversation with our guide. He spoke exceptional English and shared stories in great detail about growing up with a large family in the countryside and what it’s like to live in Siem Reap – one night at our hotel in Siem Reap was three months rent for our guide.

River Garden street food tour

Cost: $30 USD per person includes all food

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River Garden Street Food Tour Siem Reap Cambodia

Have you or would you eat any or all of the foods listed above? Let me know in the comments.

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