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Stretching over 400 km2, Angkor Archaeological Park has a history dating back not hundreds of years but to 802 AD. The UNESCO World Heritage Site contains 72 breathtaking major temples and buildings, and remnants of hundreds of smaller temples – it’s no wonder more than 2 million visitors explore the temples of Angkor each year.

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My experience at the temples of Angkor

Our tuk tuk driver picked us up at 4:30am from our hotel in Siem Reap to make sunrise at Angkor Wat. Well. Wasn’t it a beauty! We lucky the sky lit up as colourful as it did on that mid May morning as we heard for other travellers that they had no such luck on the days either side.

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Helpful tips for visiting the temples of Angkor

  • The night before you visit the temples, triple check you camera is fully charged and you’ve turned off any unnecessary setting that’ll drain your battery (WiFi, geotagging, etc).
  • Start early, our tuk tuk driver picked us up at 4:30am from our hotel in Siem Reap to make sunrise at Angkor Wat.
  • Tickets are priced at $20 USD for one day, $40 USD for three days, and $60 USD for 7 days. The multi day passes do not need to be used on consecutive days.
  • Don’t return to your hotel for breakfast after sunrise. Apparently this is something that is done even with large tour companies. Take advantage of the cooler hours of the morning. By 11am the day we visited in late May it was 38 degree celsius.
  • Have an idea of where you want to go beforehand, even if you intend to hire a guide.
  • Take water! At least 2 litres per person.

Temples of Angkor by tuk tuk

Getting there and around

Tuk tuk

You can hire a tuk tuk for about $15 USD for an eight hour day, add $3 USD for a sunrise start. Book your tuk tuk through you hotel or hostel to avoid being scammed.

As there will literally be hundreds of tuk tucks parked at each temple I recommend taking a quick snap of your driver and your tuk tuk before you set off to explore your first temple. This will make for an easy reference if you need it later.


There are two options for exploring the temples of Angkor by bicycle:

  1. Book an Angkor Sunrise Discovery bicycle tour with Grasshopper Adventures for $85 USD (previously $75 USD). Note the price does not include the cost of your Angkor Pass.
  2. Hire a bicycle in Old Market for $2 USD per day. Note that it is approximately an 8km ride from Old Market.

Bayon Angkor Thom - The Travelling List

Angkor Thom Gate Lake - The Travelling List

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